At IGWT, we believe that creativity can go any which way, and as such, we have engaged in collaborations with people from all over the creative spectrum. Back when IGWT was still part of Franzel Amsterdam, we collaborated with Mason Garments.
Together, we designed a shoe that was destined to dominate the streets later on, both in terms of the silhouette and the materials used.

During our Franzel Amsterdam days, we were part of a range of creative collaborations, such as one with the Van Gogh museum in which we borrowed paintings by Van Gogh and made our own versions of them. These versions were exhibited at the museum prior to our show THIS IS NOT ART during Fashion Week.

We also like to collaborate with artists often, as we have a lot in common with them and love to showcase those similarities by designing a product together. For example, we have an ongoing collaboration with Je Broer, which has us publishing politically charged products from time to time that will get people thinking on a deeper level, both creatively and morally.
We've worked with several musicians, and will continue to do so in the future. The most recent example is Frenna, with whom we designed a track suit.
We've also worked with a range of tattoo artists and other visual artists, such as the multi-talented Ben de Boef. His work is often featured on our items.

There's one particular hoodie that's famous at our offices because it sold out faster than anything else, and that's the Belle hoodie. This was a collaboration with visual artist Belle Doxx, who created some paintings which we turned into digital visuals and then incorporated in a product.

Another collaboration that we're very proud of is the one with Nomad. Growing up, we didn't have a lot of money and we couldn't stay at fancy hotels or even travel abroad for that matter. Instead, we'd spend the holidays on campsites, full of Nomad sleeping bags and the like, so it was a dream come true to work with this brand that is known for specialising in outdoor products.