In Gold We Trust and NOMAD team up for a collaboration

The collaboration between In Gold We Trust and NOMAD represents the ultimate marriage between fashion and function. United by a strong belief in limitless freedom and craftmanship, we open up to influences from different scenes, cultures and generations. Prepared for anything that comes our way, we embark on the journey of life while expressing individual character and charisma.

At IGWT, we believe in a circular, green and sustainable future. Therefore, we strive to do our best each season and work as responsibly as possible. One of our many sustainable practices is the sourcing of recycled and organically compostable materials. This season, we added something else to the mix by diving into the world of 3D technology and using 3D generated models.

Producing a collection involves a lot of sampling, which inevitably leads to frequent back-and-forth-sending of sample pieces and materials. Moreover, this back-and-forth sending requires the necessary transport. Consequently, this process is one of the most polluting ones in the fashion industry. At IGWT, we try to optimize this process by offering our collections entirely in 3D. Our items have established a trustworthy reputation in terms of quality and fit over the years. Given this, our customers know exactly what they are buying, even if they only see 3D imagery. By being directly involved, our customers can contribute to a better future and leave a positive impact on the planet.

On top of the very polluting processes of sampling and transporting, webshop photography is another practice that comes with a lot of waste. For a webshop shoot, production-ready samples are needed in every colour. That means that a separate sample order of the entire collection is needed. Unfortunately, these samples are not usable anymore and can’t be sold most of the time. Instead, they end up as deadstock.

In addition to this, models have to travel a lot for these shoots, which can lead to some logistical issues. That is why we also developed our very own IGWT 3D models. This season, we created a variety of different types of models for both women and men. The 3D process saves us a lot of time and money and leads to a more conscious production of our collections.

The collaboration with NOMAD is the first introduction to the most recent and upcoming developments at IGWT - the brand that makes basics that are anything but basic.