In Gold We Trust  x NOMAD

In Gold We Trust x NOMAD

In Gold We Trust and NOMAD team up for a collaboration

This first collaboration between In Gold We Trust and Nomad represents the ultimate marriage between fashion and function. United by a strong belief in limitless freedom and craftsmanship, we open up to influences from different scenes, cultures, and generations. Prepared for anything that comes our way, we encourage our audience to take on the journey of life while expressing individual character and charisma.

About the collaboration

In Gold We Trust is a young, dynamic brand that focuses on quality, fit, and functionality mixed with a dose of attitude. As a fellow Dutch native that is renowned for its outdoor gear, Nomad is a brand that has established itself with products that champion quality and functionality.

Although the similarities between In Gold We Trust and Nomad in terms of style and target group may not be obvious at first, they are notable when it comes to business management and strategy. While In Gold We Trust aims to create a street uniform that is designed for the city life and offers guarantees, Nomad is focused on products that are equipped for adventures outside of metropolitan areas. The two brands meet in the middle by creating a collection tailored towards a new type of nomad; the Digital Nomad. These are the individuals that travel the world and take inspiration from everything that comes onto their path.

Introducing the collection

Designed for functionality, the 4-piece collection comes in a compact format and consists of a t-shirt, a hoodie, a sweater, and a body warmer. Able to withstand any obstacle and battle the elements, each piece has a different function. The body warmer can be folded and stored within its own inner pocket, leaving only a small pouch that can easily be carried around. Both the hoodie and the sweater feature zip pockets that make sure that you don’t lose any of your valuable items while on the go. Each piece is offered in two colorways, black and navy, that can be mixed and matched with each other.

Featured on StukTV

The IGWT x Nomad collection is making its first appearance during the “Locatie Onbekend” program by StukTV. Equipped with the pieces from the collection that will shield them from any obstacle, the participants of the program have to compete with each other in different challenging locations.

Exploring 3D technology

Since we believe in a circular, green and sustainable future, we strive to do our best and work as responsibly as possible. For this season, we are taking the leap into the world of 3D technology and decided to use 3D generated samples and models. This allows us to optimize one of the most polluting processes of collection production, sampling. By digitalizing the sampling process, we are saving remarkable amounts of materials and transport. Given that our items have a trustworthy reputation among our customers, they know exactly what they are purchasing even if they only see it in 3D.

In addition to sampling, 3D technology allows to digitalize webshop photography. Instead of ordering an entire set of a collection in every color that most likely will go straight to deadstock after the shoot, we are combining our 3D samples with our very own IGWT 3D models. For this season, we developed a variety of different types of models for both men-and-womenswear. All in all, the 3D process saves us plenty of time and money, which leads to a more conscious and sustainable production chain.