About In Gold We Trust

In Gold We Trust was founded in 2012 on the principles of timelessness tailoring and freedom.

In Gold We Trust originated as a fashion line within Franzel Amsterdam and was  formally established in 2012 by Eric Franzel. The brand reflects the founder’s journey of  overcoming obstacles and continuously aiming for the best. 

The key brand pillars are timelessness, tailoring and freedom. Inspired by athletes, our  philosophy is to aim high and strive for gold by relying on willpower and instinct. To us,  gold represents a certain way of thinking. Therefore we are committed to seeking out quality and excellence for the sake of our community and the environment. 

Inspired by earlier designs seen at Franzel Amsterdam, In Gold We Trust dedicates  itself to putting quality, craftsmanship and high production value at the forefront of every  collection. Each piece is crafted by a team of talents with an individualistic and ever evolving sense of style influenced by contemporary scenes, cultures and generations. 

Due to our need to evolve and adapt, In Gold We Trust is not limited by boundaries and  labels. Instead, we are known for making things happen outside of the confines of a  box. The true essence of our brand comes from within. For each collection, the pieces  come together to form a canvas for personal expression and creativity. 

Renowned for our experience with different fabrics and high-quality production, we  promise our customers the best materials and the perfect fit. Whoever wears In Gold  We Trust, wears a uniform that reflects their individuality and sense of liberty. Our  customers make the brand, creating a united front of freedom-seeking and like-minded  individuals.

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