At the rear of the first In Gold We Trust store, there is a work-out area

At the rear of the first In Gold We Trust store, there is a work-out area

New stores, restaurants and cafes are opening in this city every day. Our daily column 'Open' tells you all about them. Today: In Gold We Trust.

Clothing label In Gold We trust (IGWT) has been making a name for itself in the Amsterdam streetwear scene for some years now. To seal the deal, the popular brand has now opened their first brick-and-mortar store. Fans of the brand include Dutch rappers such as Lil' Kleine, and even large international stars such as Tyga and Future are frequently spotted wearing IGWT sweaters.

The brand is spearheaded by the two Fränzel brothers from Hilversum: Eric (33) is in charge of creative, and Victor (35) tackles the business side of things. Eric says the following about their decision to settle in Amsterdam: "Amsterdam is a lively place. You wouldn't be surprised to find outdoor terraces all full-up on a Tuesday afternoon over here."

There are a whole bunch of retailers selling IGWT throughout the Netherlands. As such, the new store is not just intended as a retail asset, but also as a hang-out spot. The two brothers have lots of cool ideas for projects to be hosted at their new site. They've built a gym in the little square behind the store. A place for customers to use to clear their heads for a bit.

The clothing racks in the store are essentially wooden blocks that are easily moved around. That way, the set-up can be adjusted to suit the clothing being sold at any given time, as well as whatever other purpose the space is going to be used for.

IGWT's ever-changing collections have two staple features, namely their sweaters (starting at €100) and their t-shirts (starting at €60). The clothes are reminiscent of skatewear, except more chique. The Fränzel brothers describe their style as 'the New-West neighbourhood meets Old-South'.

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