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Process For our collections, we always choose different processes to make the article rich. Various techniques, such as embroidery printing and washing.

Embroidery is done with different techniques to get a height difference or complete look. Embroidery is making decorations with needle and thread on textiles, leather, or other surfaces. It is an art that has existed since mankind uses substances. Around the world, it is estimated from 3000 BC. Embroidery applied to fabrics.

The following stitches are often used depending on the embroidery:

  • half cross stitch
  • petit point chain stitch
  • cross stitch stem stitch
  • backstitch 

Printing can be affected by the fabric, but can also embellish separate parts.

When printing textiles, patterns are applied to a piece of fabric in one or more colors. It is related to dyeing textiles, but the entire material is uniformly colored. There are various techniques for printing textiles, the most important of which are direct printing, reserve printing, and etching printing.

Washing the clothes is done to give the fabric a different look and feel.

History of The Hoodie

Before developing our hoodie, we looked at the fit, the fabric, and the use of branding. The hoodie must be able to be worn as a fashion item as well as a protection, so we have chosen a fabric that is brushed inside, which makes it soft and warm. The logos form a coherence with which we propagate that we are part of a group that is ready for everything and also wants to conquer everything.

What was a shirt for our fathers is the hoodie for us. An item that cannot be ignored in history and our upbringing.

Hoodies are a big part of subcultures. The hoodie itself, meanwhile, evolved into a less fairytale-like entity. Before breaking into denim dungarees in 1982, the band Dexys Midnight Runners had an "athletic monk" period, wearing boxing shoes, tails, and hoodies - borrowed from the style of Liverpool football hooligans. These casuals were dressed in expensive casual clothes to impress the opponent on the one hand and not be recognizable by the club colors on the other. The fans of straight edge (hardcore punk fans who refrain from drugs, alcohol, and sex) were also keen on the hoodie. The most substantial subculture that adopted the hoodie as a uniform: that of hip-hop, which was perfectly reflected in several legendary record covers. Wu-Tang Clans Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), for example, or Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back.


"I can't never stop nobody, can't knock nobody hustle." - Notorious B.I.G.

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Size Guide

This size chart is based on our basic hoodie; measurements may vary depending on this model.

The model is 1,77cm tall and wearing size L.


Size guide

Size Chest (cm) Waist (cm)

Hip        (cm)

XS /6 50 - 54 49 - 50 49 - 49
S / 48 53 - 55 51 - 52 51 - 49
M / 50 55 - 56 53 - 53 53 - 50
L / 52 56 - 57 53 - 54 50 - 51
XL / 54 59 - 61 57 - 60 53 - 55
XXL / 56 56 - 58 59 - 62 62 - 65

How do I measure my size

  • #1 - Chest (cm)

    Measure your chest size where it is largest

  • #2 - Waist (cm)

    Measure where the size of your waist is narrowest

  • #3 - Hip (cm)

    Measure where the size of your hips is widest