The Journey starts with Eric Franzel and his love for creation that was always accompanied by his love for clothes, choosing sports were always determined by the sport with the BEST outfits.

So it was the combination of these two things that became the most important thing in his life. Eric went back to school to learn the profession of tailoring. While studying tailoring Eric chose internships at various aspects of the fashion world.

His first internship was at a new clothing brand where they learned how to set up a clothing brand and what uncertainties it brings but also freedom. During his internship at Tailors AND Co. his enthusiasm generated for tailored clothes and Eric saw how important it is to have timeless items in your closet. “A TAILORED PIECE OF CLOTHING IS TO A WOMEN WHAT LINGERIE IS TO A MEN”.

Making custom clothing was important to him and Eric has spent much time learning patterns drawing and manufacture of garments. His last internship was at Frido van der Weij and that was a very instructive time since creation was a high priority and that you need to think about design and everything can be used as inspiration. This internship has inspired Eric to attent a academy and after his studies tailoring Eric got allowed for the fine arts academy in The Hague (Royal Academy).    


Eric began after many consideration to design under his surname Franzel what meant “a free man”, he bought a sewing machine and began to draw patterns. With the knowledge gained in his years as a student and intern, he began his collection with limited resources.

And here begins the journey called Franzel Amsterdam.


Many people are not born under the best circumstances, but by hard working and determination you can go were you need to go.

Franzel Amsterdam is a brand for people who take the bull by the horns, And doesn’t let anything stop them, people who enjoy life to the fullest. The designs from his collection are made for different situations, be prepared for everything says his collection. With Franzel items in your closet, there is no situation in life that you can’t handle.

The first collection, which was shown at the FashionWeek was called In Gold We Trust as an ode to the golden age, but still under the full brand name Franzel Amsterdam. We continued making collections with FA and every now and again we made a small capsule collection with In Gold We Trust which sold out in days sometimes hours, so after consideration we made IGWT its own brand.

IGWT: In Gold We Trust is in its essence a streetwear label with its roots in sportswear and tailoring so you will find a wink to both those disciplines in our collections. The collections are made for the future so it communicates with the youth, who buys an exclusive sneaker and an IGWT hoodie to dominate the streets and be part of a community.

In Gold We Trust. The brand (which is part of Franzel Amsterdam) started to stand out among the general public last year and has now taken huge steps both nationally and internationally.

You will see someone in a hoodie or a t-shirt in all the hip places you visit these days ... and big names such as Chris Brown, Future, and Tyga do not make it a secret of being a fan of the brand. But where does In Gold come from? Who is behind this mega-fast-growing master plan?

Why did you start with In Gold We Trust? And… when was that?

We started five years ago with a Fashion Week show with the theme of the golden age, for this show we made some shirts and sweaters and they sold out everywhere within one week.

After this delivery, we started working on other themes, all of which were picked up well, but as soon as we made a capsule collection from IGWT again, it was immediately sold out, so after four years, we decided to make IGWT our brand.

How long did it take for the brand to get noticed by the general public?

The brand was picked up in the Netherlands but also abroad; we have artists such as Jebroer, Ali B, Polska, Mr. Propz, Lil ‘Kleine, but also ... Chris Brown, Future, Tyga, and French Montana have worn our clothes.


Gold We Trust started as part of Franzel Amsterdam, can you tell us something about this?

Franzel Amsterdam is the brand from its origin. With Franzel, we create collections when we think we can add something to fashion creatively and innovatively.

The Franzel Amsterdam collections are made in Amsterdam and with material from Amsterdam. For example, think of bombers made from different bombers that we found on vintage bought because we spent a lot of time on this, we could not make fast fashion before.

This is why we created In Gold We Trust as a brand. We also wanted to rock hoodies, tees, and other items that we can quickly renew in both color and processing. Quality is also high with us; everyone can attest to this with our items.


AW14 collection

Futuristic, mysterious, and with a clear message. For this AW14 collection, Franzel Amsterdam is inspired by the continuous search for transparency in our digital world. Neon green lace printed sweats, and neoprene printed slogan tops. In PRIVACY, Franzel introduces us to world full web-based colorful prints, which can be found on jogging-styled items. All this combined with stylishly cut coats, neon openwork lace two pieces, PRIVACY slogan sweats, and sleeveless hoodies. By combining different lengths, an innovative layered effect is created, which is just as concealing or revealing as the online life itself.

Young, street, innovative, and completely contemporary. Franzel Amsterdam shows street fashion 2.0 with this AW14 collection.

About Franzel Amsterdam

“Being creative is all that I know.”

The young, dynamic men’s label Franzel Amsterdam was created in 2012 from an imperturbable passion for creating. Designer Eric Franzel learned to fight at an early age and to claim his place in society. For his collections, he is inspired by social developments and street culture, which he surprisingly combines with influences from classic men’s fashion. The result is a contemporary men’s label from which creativity drips.



Eric Franzel presented his latest men’s collection during Amsterdam Fashion Week. And it was also a real men’s collection: cool and sporty with a little ghetto.

The black and white collection consists of 8 outfits. The models looked dark with their black-made eyes. Shorts were combined with cool blue sneakers and dark jackets. It reminded me of a few medieval warriors who were ready for the big battle. Among all those men, there was one female model who also looked very fresh and sexy—Franzel designs for the contemporary man, who is confident, stubborn, and edgy.


FRANZEL Amsterdam  During the Vodafone Firsts Fashion Lab show, Franzel Amsterdam presented its Spring Summer 2015 collection to a broad audience. The selection is based on art forms that Eric Franzel examines in his way. The use of art influences gives the garments an expression, which raises the question: Is fashion an art form? Something that is not yet seen by most of the audience, according to Eric Franzel. “The show is my bright spot in the darkness, that is called fashion commerce. During my presentation, I can show what my vision of fashion is—listening to street-related style so that the youth and people who lead an ‘urban’ existence also have a place at the fashion week in the Netherlands ”. The commercial aspect of fashion means that fashion is not entirely accepted as a form of art. Eric Franzel started his designs with commercialism in mind. Do not make a commercial product commercial and vice versa. Existing art was dissected and given a commercial jacket to take the ultimate test; to see if these masterpieces became less art or if it did not detract from the art at all. “The clothing of the major fashion chains may not immediately be called an art form, but there are many designers in the world who give their heart and soul to each collection and thus build an oeuvre equal to that of another visual artist. “. The question remains, is fashion and art form yes or no? And if the clothing is not an art form, is wearing it and styling it creatively, not an art? Franzel Amsterdam will take you on his quest for the answer during his VZ’15 collection.


Eric Franzel, co-owner and designer of IGWT, came together with his brother Victor Franzel. Victor is a co-owner of IGWT and does the IGWT sales and marketing.

Eric Franzel: “A musician often makes an entire album. This is because it is normal, and a record label can earn money from bookings and publishing. In the end, only a few singles from this album will be on the radio, and that will also be the tracks that will be remembered. If there are enough singles by an artist, there will often be a greatest hits album. ”

Eric: “It is no different in the clothing industry. But with In Gold We Trust we turn this around. We are the youth, and we determine the future, so why not do it entirely differently? With In Gold We Trust, we put all the time you usually put in an entire album into one single so that you bring the best product to the market - with the time and attention that often goes into a whole collection - so that you too can enjoy. 


Favorite of both domestic and foreign artists such as Chris Brown, Skip’n’Die & Mr. Polska. The Amsterdam label Franzel may have skipped a fashion season, but they are still there. Without a budget or an accompanying show, designer Eric Franzel shows his most creative side with the Street Wear collection.

“With this collection, I wanted to see if I could make a collection with 0 euros, I succeeded. On a garbage collection day, I took to the streets to find fabrics and other interesting objects that I could incorporate into a collection. At that time I incorporated old clothing, but also curtains, tents, and other fabrics into various clothing items,” says Eric Franzel

The result? A jacket, made of old curtains, with all-over buttons, with two weeks of manual work and 1000 haberdashery. An oversized parka dyed by hand in which one blazer, three-meter tent, and two pairs of trousers are incorporated. Two pants, two blazers, a piece of curtain, a few pieces of sofa cover made for a men’s jacket that wouldn’t look out of place in a high-end boutique. No budget, but plenty of creativity and workforce, Franzel Amsterdam is not in favor of it.

Follow your passion

The first minutes of the interview show that Fränzel had been designing and making clothes since he was a little boy. For example, JayJay Boske - who has been friends with Fränzel for twenty years - tells that while other boys were exercising, Eric was making knots. Eric says about this himself: “When I was younger, I liked sports, but later I found out that it was only because of the outfits.” This is the first lesson we learned from the interview. Follow your passion and do what makes you happy. That is where the real success lies.

Never give up

Before being at the top of In Gold We Trust, Eric Fränzel was homeless for years. However, this never knocked him out, as he was not focused on being homeless. Despite his circumstances, he remained focused on his goals. When Jay Jay Boske asks him whether he sees giving up as an essential quality of an entrepreneur, Fränzel replies: “Yes, you have to. You should…’. From this, we interpret that you have no other choice if your passion drives you. You have to keep going. You have no choice if you do what you want to do. That is why you must never give up.


Quality over quantity

One of Eric’s goals was to develop the most comfortable hoodie ever. Throughout the interview, it emerges that the designer only wants to produce the best shit. A Ferrari driving does even the promotion of In Gold We Trust through Paris. Can you imagine better marketing than a ferrari printed with your logo driving through a metropolis? No, neither do we. This follows the third lesson: it’s all about the quality of what you offer. If you are going to launch a marketing campaign, make sure your campaign is out-of-the-box, make sure you get the best out of yourself. If you’re selling a product or offering a service, make sure you’re so proud of your product that you wouldn’t want anything else.